Our Story

Our journey began when we looked into the vast array of productivity apps on the market. We realized those apps were boring, complicated and had a dull user interface. We wanted to change this. No more tedious checklist and verbose descriptions of tasks. No more apps catering only to the enterprise sector. No more dreary interfaces with endless text!

Looksee was born! The brainchild of our founder Dr. Wasim Irshad, Looksee was created to change the face of productivity apps. We wanted to bring ‘life’ to getting things done. Our mission was to create an easy to use, streamlined and enjoyable way of task management whilst still maintaining the sophistication and deep capabilities a productivity app should offer. Something that can be used on a regular basis by everyone, not just people familiar with Kanban boards or Gantt charts. We realized the best way of conveying a task is through a visual medium. So simple and so straightforward. We based Looksee on the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Our experience in making Looksee inspired us to widen our scope of helping people enjoy life. As our company stands for encouraging people to live in the real world, we decided to delve into gaming apps…specifically social deduction games. In today’s society where everyone is glued to their mobile device screens, we wanted to devise games that encouraged them to rely less on their screens and actually interact with one another. We poured our imagination into “app-efying” popular social deduction games; Mafia, Werewolf, Resistance and Avalon. Our versions of these classic games allow you to play anywhere anytime without the hassle of having to bring along boards, cards, pen, paper. We give you the cues, and the rest of the game is left up to the participants to interact and have a fun memorable time. No need for a moderator since our AI engine moderates the game for you! That means everyone can play the actual game!

We started what feels like eons ago
to redefine social apps
Our 1st product launched in
Looksee! on iOS App Store
We serve customers in
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cities worldwide

The Talent

Dr. Wasim Irshad

Ceo, cto & founder

Imagine.. Design.. Execute
Responsible for Software Architecture, Team Building, HR, UI/UX, AI, QC & PM

PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Purdue University

Emdadul Huq

principal Backend engineer

Responsible for Server Architecture, Database Design, Node.js backend applications & Frontend Integration

Anik Sarker

Senior UI/ux designer

Responsible for Wireframe, UI/UX design, Animations, Product design & QA

Project: Looksee!

Niaz Mahmud

ui/ux designer

Responsible for Wireframe, UI/UX design, Animations, Product design

Project: Looksee & IRL Games!

Bill Hegazy


Responsible for Kubernetes deployment, monitoring & scaling our infrastructure!

Rutba Ahad

SOUND & marketing

Responsible for Social Media, Public Relations, Marketing & Sound Engineering!

Looksee Team!

Alex Kovalov

senior ios developer

Lead iOS Developer for Looksee!

I am passionate about self-development, psychology & believing in people

Ilya Slipak

Senior ios developer

iOS Developer for Looksee!

Love interesting projects with complex UI & animations. Passionate about photography

Valeria Chub

ios developer

iOS Developer for Looksee!

Love coding user-friendly apps, spending time with family and friends

Egor Tkachenko

Product manager

Manage dev, distribute workload, coordinate with product owner and development team & QA

Sergey Belevtsov

Product manager

Manage dev, distribute workload, coordinate with product owner and development team & QA

Anton Komarov

quality assurance

My goal is to make this world better and without bugs! A huge sports fan!

IRL Games Team!

Ostap Marchenko

senior ios developer

Lead iOS Developer for IRL Games!

I embrace challenges and love turning great ideas into reality

Natalia Humyn

quality assurance

Lead QA for IRL Games!

The key is to focus on the details and create a problem solving strategy

Volodymyr Khmil

product manager

Dev Partner at Nerdzlab

I like to spend time doing things that matters, measure it and understand value

Yurii Vashchyshyn

quality assurance

QA & Regression Testing

I am curious and finding solutions to various problems is one of my inspirations

Marta Makara

quality assurance

QA & Regression Testing

I love working on interesting projects and perfecting the UI/UX

Mark Boychuk

backend consultant

Expert guidance on backend issues

I’m a technical geek. I like digits, numbers and mechanisms. Challenges inspire me!